Great Barrier Reef Getting Big Money From Australian Government

The Great Barrier Reef has been in peril for several years now due to climate change and now the Australian government is hoping to reverse some of the effects.

Australia has agreed to pledge over 500 million Australian dollars to save the reef. That equates to about 379 million American dollars.

Marine heat is the chief cause of the dying reef, mainly along the northern side which is considered the most pristine region of the underwater wonder.

Two-thirds of the reef has experienced a great deal of bleaching over recent years, most recently in an extreme event in 2016 that was the worst on record.

All hope is not lost for the tourism site that also houses amazing marine creatures and fishing, as algae can recolonize if the bleaching is caught quickly. The reef generates 3.7 billion dollars annually to the Australian economy.

Here's to hoping that the funds increase education and conservation of one of natures great underwater achievements.

You can listen to today's "Have You Seen This?" about the reef right here:

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