Iowa's new drug fighting tool targets parents

DES MOINES, Iowa-  ..The state's has a new tool,  aimed at fighting drugs and  addiction-  it's called the "What you don't see" trailer.   

Adults who walk through, will see a typical teenage bedroom, with obvious as well as hidden signs of drug-use.    Doug Hurley's with the Iowa Division of Narcotics says various signs will be in plain site or hidden in places parents would never think to search.   

The "What you don't see" project is for parents and care-givers, -not those under age 18.

Hurley says parents and caregivers will watch a short video first, about drug addiction, tour the trailer, and then be able to ask questions, ask for advice, and even report something they with to law enforcement and other specialists who will staff the trailer.  

The trailer will travel across the state.    It will also be at the State Fair.   

Lisa Moore of Des Moines was at today's unveiling of the trailer.  

Her son Tanner died last year of a heroin overdose.    She urged parents who suspect they're kids are using drugs, to seek treatment for them.   She said better they kids hate you for doing so, rather than you hate yourself forever, when your kid is "six feet under."

The trailer will be in West Des Moines May 17th, as part of Police Week.   May 19th, the trailer will be at Des Moines Police Headquarters.   The trailer will be located at the Hall of Law during this year's Iowa State Fair.

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