Iowa's Senators react to U-S pulling out of Iran deal

WASHINGTON-  Iowa's two US Senators are reacting to news that the Trump administration is pulling the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

Senator Charles Grassley's statement:    “From the beginning, I’ve said the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration was an example of leading from behind on foreign policy. When negotiations began, the United States was in a position of strength because sanctions were hurting Iran. But President Obama, in his desire to get a deal, weakened America’s position by agreeing to one-sided concessions in return for worthless commitments from a deceitful and repressive regime. 

We now know Iran was driving full speed ahead in developing nuclear weapons. By pulling the U.S. out of this badly negotiated deal, President Trump is putting America back in a position of strength and showing the kind of global leadership the country needs as it approaches challenges, not only from Iran, but also from nations like North Korea, Russia and China.”

Senator Joni Ernst' statement:  

“I have stated time and time again that the loophole-ridden JCPOA did not go far enough in its efforts to permanently dismantle Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement, negotiated by then-President Obama, lacks basic oversight and enforcement, and allows a dishonest Iran to continue its destabilizing activity and potentially restart its nuclear weapons program at the sunset of the JCPOA.

Iran continues to pose a serious threat, not only on the global stage as they are allowed to advance their unfettered ballistic missile capacities, but also in the Middle East. We know that Iran continues to support and finance terrorist organization proxies that destabilize the region, endangering American service members and our partners.

I am encouraged by the President’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA today, and have full confidence that the President and Secretary Pompeo will work with Congress to develop a comprehensive strategy that permanently addresses the threat that a nuclear-capable Iran poses to U.S. and international security.”

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