Veterans May Soon Have Access To Medical Marijuana

It appears that medical marijuana research is closer to a reality for veterans in this country. 

The House Veterans' Affairs Committee approved a measure to increase the Department of Veterans Affairs research on medical marijuana.

They also voted to move forward on other issues like giving veterans more access to private-sector donors and expanding caregiver stipends for military families.

The medical marijuana bill, which received unanimous support, also requires the VA to regularly report on the research to Congress.  They hope to have everything approved by Memorial Day.

This federal news follows the legislative debate in Iowa over medical marijuana.  While it has been approved, proponents of medical marijuana advocated this session for the THC limit to be raised.

Without an increase in the limit, proponents of medical marijuana in Iowa say that the prescribed doses for some patients will involve taking multiple pills at enormous cost.  Medical marijuana is set to be available in the state in December -  but some patients may find they can't afford it.

The bill to expand the medical marijuana law ultimately did not get debated in the legislature.  As in previous debates, opponents believe the expansion of medical marijuana will lead to recreational legalization.  Some Iowa polls have shown that a majority of residents oppose total legalization.

What say you?  Should veterans already have access to medical marijuana?

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