A big deal? RFS supporters claim E-15 victory

Word that the Trump administration will deliver on its promise for year-round E15 sales is being called a win for agriculture. Further, the idea of capping Renewable Identification Credits, or RIN prices, is dead, according to those at a White House meeting Tuesday.  Following the meeting, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says that all parties agreed to move forward with year-round E15 sales:

Skor 1

Also, stemming from the meeting, the RIN cap proposal is dead. However, another scheme was brought up:

Skor 2

Last fall, Growth Energy commissioned research that showed the damaging impacts of an export subsidy for biofuels. The analysis shows immense impact on jobs, rural economies, and corn prices:

Skor 3

Finally, with the news from the White House meeting that the administration will move forward with allowing year-round E15 sales, Skor says the industry looks forward to the administration finalizing the change:

Skor 4

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