Iowa 911 dispatch call: Man shot... by his dog UPDATE

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UPDATE May 14, 2018 - A Fort Dodge man says he has no idea how his dog shot him.

Richard Remme has a conceal carry permit, and tells WHO TV Channel 13 his gun was in a belly band under his overalls when he was playing with his dog and the gun went off and shot him in the leg.

Remme says he has both a mechanical safety and a trigger safety on the gun.  

Doctors say he should make a full recovery.

FORT DODGE, Iowa- A Fort Dodge man is recovering  after being shot in the leg, he told dispatchers, his dog did it.  Fifty-one-year-old Richard Remme.  Police and emergency personnel were called to Remme's Fort Dodge house Wednesday because of an accidental shooting.

Fort Dodge Police Chief Roger Porter tells WHO News Remme told officers he was sitting down, and rough housing with his dog "Balew" when the dog jumped up on him and managed to unlatch the safety and trip the trigger on Remme's 9mm Ruger, which he had in a belly band holster.    

Remme was treated and released from a local hospital, for a gunshot wound in his thigh.

Chief Porter says it was just a "freak" accident, and while Remme is in some pain now, at least it's something he can recover from.

Photo courtesy Fort Dodge Messenger

Hunter recovering after being shot by dog in Iowa  - Thumbnail Image

Hunter recovering after being shot by dog in Iowa

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