WATCH: How technology is helping farmers keep nutrients out of the water

As we do some testing on Verdesian products like NutriSphere-N stabilizer designed to increase our nutrient management and reduce run-off into streams and rivers, let's take a look at what is making that possible - the latest developments in technology.  The planter is really two systems in one - a system equipped to plant the seed evenly at a consistent depth, and a system to place the UAN 32% fertilizer in precise amounts four inches beside the row and four inches in the ground:

Tech 3

As Dave, Mark and Kevin from Verdesian help load the planter, we know that everything is controlled and monitored by a computer, in this case it's Ag Leader's InCommand 1200:

Tech 1

Everything that goes on back here is determined by the InCommand, and the applied data is recorded:

Tech 4

Take a look at how it works and what the options are:

Tech video

It also controls the auto steer system, which is really about allowing the operator to do a better job of accomplishing what he or she is out in the field to accomplish.  The least important part of that is driving, so once it's set and properly adjusted then the computer takes that off the operator's plate in order to focus on the tasks at hand, in this case planting and fertilizing.  It also allows for strip testing like this where we can plant a swath, then skip one in order to have a side-by-side comparison.  The strips that are already planted were fertilized with straight UAN 32%. the ones we are planting now have the Verdesian NutriSphere N added:

Tech 2

Of course we'll check back on these trials many times throughout the upcoming growing season.

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