Eating lots of potatoes can help you lose weight????

Eating lots of potatoes will help you lose weight.

 After years of being told to avoid starchy foods, it’s time for a re-check! Researchers at Leeds University  studied about 80 overweight women who went on a 14-week diet. Half of them counted calories while the other half ate foods with a low energy density, like potatoes, rice and pasta.

The calorie counters lost an average of seven pounds  while the potato eaters lost nearly 13 pounds. The women who ate the low energy density foods said they felt less hungry and had fewer cravings. The researchers say it's because it filled them up quicker so they have fewer cravings for snacks.

The study adds that fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fish, eggs and beans have a similar effect because they have fewer calories than processed foods. The end game seems to be making you feel full, not the calories. 

Not sure how that affects those people who eat out of boredom or just because the food is there and not because they're hungry....they still need to find a way to address that!

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