WATCH: Mother's Day Ad Warns Moms About Sons Who Support Trump

Billionaire Tom Steyer brought his "Need To Impeach" road show to Iowa this week.  Apparently, Steyer doesn't believe that liberals need to reach out to Trump supporters in the future to win elections.

His super PAC is out with a Mother's Day ad that warns moms about the dangers of their sons supporting Trump.  In an attempt to be funny, the ad basically states that Trump supporters hate women and minorities and - as a bonus - are incapable of taking care of themselves.

Of course, this is what modern liberal humor has become -  hating on people that disagree with liberals.  I am always puzzled when liberals laugh at "sick burns" of conservatives that actually aren't funny.  Funny -  for me -  has always been Monty Python or Chris Farley.  

As for the politics of such an ad, I'll repeat what I said on the radio show this week about Steyer's tour through Iowa.  President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa by over 9 percent.  That's not close.  That means Democrats MUST reach out to Trump supporters to win in the future.  Openly expressing contempt for Trump voters isn't the way to go about that.

Oh, I didn't even mention -  politicizing Mother's Day?????  Not smart as well.  "Enjoy" the ad.

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