Win $150.00 worth of Candy playing Van & Bonnie's Candy Brackets!

Dan Meuller of Mueller Yurgae & Associations joined us in the studio this morning to announce the Sweets & Snacks Convention in Chicago at McCormick Place.  In conjunction with that, we will be giving away massive amounts of candy!  Each day, starting tomorrow, we're going to be putting up a bracket challenge asking you which candy is better...til we end up with a winning candy!  All participants will be eligible to win $150.00 worth of candy that Dan will bring back from the convention!  Tomorrow's brackets will place Snickers up against Nestle Crunch and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups against Butterfinger!  Now to me, that should have been the finale!!!!  Look for it on the Van and Bonnie Facebook page tomorrow morning!  Hear our entire conversation here....

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Maestro Joseph  Giunta will be joining us in the studio, and, we'll remind you where and when to be to see Maddie Poppe and hear her first concert here in Iowa before the finale of American Idol on Sunday/Monday night!  Make sure you vote all your 10 votes for Maddie this Sunday night....what a thrill to have an American Idol from Iowa!!!!!  She needs your votes!  American Idol is on Sunday night at 7PM on ABC...the number to text to is 21523 and as long as they don't change it for some reason, Maddie's number is "10".  So you just need to text the number 10 to 21523 and you're allowed to vote 10 times!!!!

Have a super day!


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