How many times a day does Mark Allen's bell get rung?

Mark Allen lives in Newton where the Jasper County Courthouse is refurbishing their Courthouse Bell.  The Bell rings every hour, for the number of the hour of the day. How many times does that make over the life of the bell???  It rings 156 times per day or 60,225 times per year.  We don't know how many years the bell as been there.  Hear our entire conversation (with a Bob Quinn bonus) here...

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, we'll talk with Terry Rich of the Iowa Lottery about his upcoming retirement, we'll update you on the candy bracket and get you the next set of candies...and we'll give you four more chances to win $1,000!

I'll get some pictures of my house being roofed by Home Solutions of Iowa (Leafguard)!  They started this morning!

Have a super day!


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