#Plant18 includes equipment in some places, emergence in others

Bob leads us off today in our #plant18 snapshots in time, riding with Scott in Central Iowa planting soybeans in the big John Deere outfit:

Plant 12 1

They'll be up before you know it.  Thank you for the texts to the DuPont Pioneer A-Series Soybean Text Line at 515.999.5491. Near Wyoming in Eastern Iowa, here come some beans planted a week ago:

Plant 12 2

While the only thing they are planting in Northwest Iowa near Cylinder is the fertilizer spreader:

Plant 12 3

The texter here from Hamilton say "putting on some yellow": 

Plant 12 4

In Southern Delaware County, these no-till beans will be up in a couple days:

Plant 12 5

In Davis County it's time to get a jump on the hay season, good looking first-crop here:

Plant 12 6

Other updates including "No corn planted yet. To wet southern Pocahontis County. Planting progress varies a lot in the area" and "North of Highway 9, half corn planted while waiting for rest to dry.  Planting some beans today while I wait on corn ground North of Mason City."  Be safe one and all!

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