Yanny Vs. Laurel Answer Revealed By Man Who Recorded It

We finally have the true answer of what the viral clip says, Yanny or Laurel.

64-year-old Jay Aubrey Jones says the word he is pronouncing in the clip is indeed "Laurel." Jones recorded several thousand words for Vocabulary.com back in 2007 but a recent post from Reddit ignited a heated debate about which word is heard in the clip.

The odd situation occurs because the lower frequencies in the recording clearly make out "laurel" while the higher frequencies make out "yanny." Many people have ears that can toggle between the two and hear both of the words.

Typically, younger people hear higher frequencies better so they would hear "yanny" while older people would hear "laurel."

The speakers you have also factors into which word you hear and volume makes a difference as well. Tinny headphones will make "yanny" more audible while a louder speaker will make it easier to hear "laurel."

It truly is a never-ending debate, but at least we know what word was initially intended for the clip from the source himself.

Listen to the conversation as a part of our "Have You Seen This?" segment right here:


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