Clarksville's walking on air for Maddie Poppe

Maddie Poppe Wins American Idol

A life long resident and City Councilman says Maddie Poppe's win on American Idol, Monday night, was a God-send for the town.

Jeff Kolb tells WHO Radio's Jeff Angelo, the town suffered through flooding in 2008 and again in 2016.  It was damaged by a tornado in 2014 and only recently a young man was accidentally shot.

Kolb, who also is in charge of the Butler-Grundy Economic Development Office, said her win was needed by the town in the "worst way".

He called her the perfect ambassador for Iowa in that "she engrains all qualities of Iowans and small-town people.  She is what we needed.  Everybody needed Maddie to win this".

Kolb said Clarksville's 1,400 residents were hugging in the streets, screaming and yelling with fireworks going off.  In his words; there wasn't a dry eye in town, Monday night.

Iowa's Maddie Poppe wins on American Idol! VIDEOS - Thumbnail Image

Iowa's Maddie Poppe wins on American Idol! VIDEOS

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