Des Moines: Keep garage sale signs out of right-of-way

(DES MOINES, Iowa)  Garage sale season is well underway, and  Des Moines city inspectors have been busy pulling up hundreds of signs, placed on the "right of way" between the sidewalk and the street.   

Sue Ann Donovan with the city of Des Moines also reminds homeowners that signs should not be placed on utilty poles, or stop signs, bridges, or other public structures.   Signs must not obscure a driver's vision of traffic  either.   She notes many of the signs are for garage sales, but home-based business and signs advertising commercial ventures are also often placed in the "right of way."

Donovan says the city of Des Moines has 15 inspectors picking up signs every week, that have been placed in the wrong location.   Signs can go on private property, with permission.   She says signs should be no larger than the standard home-for-sale sign.   


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