Weezer Answers Social Media Call to Cover "Africa" By Toto and It's Awesome

Los Angeles-based rock band Weezer has released a cover of the song "Africa" and it has caught fire on social media and in the music world.

The song, originally recorded by Toto in the early 80s, has been covered by several artists in numerous genres over the years. This particular cover from Weezer, however, is the perfect mesh of all the best parts of the original while still maintaining that signature Weezer sound.

As of Wednesday morning the YouTube video with the audio of the recording has netted over 1.3 million views less than 24 hours since the release of the cover. It currently sits in the top five trending videos across the site.

Going into last weekend, Weezer released a different Toto cover of the song "Rosanna." That spawned even more of an outcry to get an "Africa" cover. 

The campaign began when the Twitter account @weezerafrica started tweeting at Weezer's account in late 2017 to cover the song. Eventually, they came through.

You can hear the entire conversation as heard on "Have You Seen This?" by clicking here:


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