Follow-Up: "Dancing Doctor" Suspended By Medical Board

During a recent Weekly Legal segment, I told you about the doctor who posted videos of her dancing next to unconscious patients. BESIDE the obvious "invasion-of-privacy" issues, a patient recently was rushed to the emergency room with a collapsed lung and anemia due to acute blood loss.  She remains hospitalized today.

Citing THAT case, a Georgia medical board has suspended Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte’s license.

As you heard on Weekly Legal, this isn't the first time Dr. Davis-Boutte has come under scrutiny.  Several former patients have filed lawsuits and another suit alleges that a patient suffered brain damage due to the doctor's negligence.  Complaints against the physician date back to 2016, but the suspension just occurred THIS WEEK.

One attorney says the procrastination by the board over the past two years have resulted in harm to women that would have been protected by quicker action.


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