Voice of the Iowa Barnstormers, Joe Staci, lays out the play-off details!

Joe Staci, Voice of the Iowa Barnstormers joined Van & Bonnie in the WHO Radio studios to lay out the IFL play-off scenarios!  There is a possibility of a three-way tie between the Iowa Barnstormers, Arizona Rattlers and Sioux Falls Storm.  However, the Barnstormers are currently in first place, so they are in control of their own destiny.  A win in Sioux Falls tonight seals the deal.  In fact, the only way the Iowa Barnstormers don't get a home play-off game on June 22nd is if they lose to both Sioux Falls tonight and Cedar Rapids next Saturday.  You can hear Joe Staci's entire interview here....


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Monday on Van and Bonnie, if you have a youngster interested in playing basketball, we have a great basketball camp to tell you about!

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