Sights and Sounds of Tractorcade Day 1

It was an early start at the Washington County Fairgrounds at the Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade got rolling:

TC 1

Nearly 500 tractors from across the country gathering to parade around Southeastern Iowa:

TC 2

There are all makes and models, all sizes and shapes and are headed up to the morning pit stop at Keota:

TC 3

What a beautiful entrance to the pit stop at Keota thanks to the Keota Fire Department:

TC 7

Vision Ag was the place we swung by for a bit:

TC 6

Thanks to grain merchandiser Page for being a good sport:

TC 3

From there it was on to Kalona for lunch, where we found this.  One of the great things about farmers is their creative nature...look at what Burt from Thornton, IL came up with for a water jug handle:

TC 4

Oh man, how mouthwatering this turn out to be:

TC 1 8

Of course it didn't take The Big Show guys long to wolf that down.  Andrew Zwold from NuTech, one of our fine Tractorcade sponsors, was kind enough to drop by for a crop conditions update:

TC 1 9

Of course we'll have plenty more as the 19th Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade rolls along.



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