Crickets - High in protein, calcium, B12, iron, 9 essential amino acids

Shelby Smith of Gym-N-Eat Cricket joined Van & Bonnie by phone this morning to talk about adding crickets to our diet! She sells them dry roasted or ground in protein bites.  She grows the crickets takes about 8 weeks from egg to maturity.  You can find Shelby at the Ames Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8AM-12:30PM, or on Facebook (Gym-N-Eat Cricket).  Crickets are 50% protein, high in B12, calcium, iron and all nine essential amino acids!  Maybe you could just throw a few in your smoothie!

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, the Lt. Governor, Adam Greg, will be joining us in studio along with a Hy-Vee representative.  What's going on?  We'll find out after the 7:30 news!  

Enjoy the lower humidity later today!



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