Young child says was fondled in store parking lot-man and woman in jail

In arrest records filed with Polk County District Court, police say a girl developed a urinary tract infection, saying that it hurt when she goes to the bathroom "because Tony keeps touching her there. "

Ankeny Police say 38 year old Anthony Stoner and 36 year old Brandey Jo Birmingham are in the Polk County Jail, accused of the sexual abuse of a young girl.  Stoner is facing three 2nd degree sexual abuse charges.  Birmingham's charged with one count of 3rd degree sexual abuse and one count of abandonment of a minor or dependent.

In one of the charges, Ankeny Police say that Stoner back in April "rubbed with his fingers in a circular motion" the girls's vagina as he gave her a piggy back ride from the car into the Ankeny HyVee store at 410 North Ankeny Blvd.  He also is charged with sexually abusing her at his Ankeny residence

Birmingham, who lists her address as Urbandale is charged with taking the child into a different room at 314 SW Pleasant and sticking her forefinger and middle finger into the child's "private parts."  Police also charged with allowing Stoner to have continued contact with the child even though she knew there had been sexual contact.

No contact orders have been requested for both Stoner and Birmingham.  They're both in the Polk County Jail.



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