The sights and sounds of Tractorcade day 2

Nothing like a little nudge to get started in the morning...or tug, whichever you prefer:

TC 2 1

It's the Bob Quinn 'push rope' in full usage, if you will.  The morning pit stop took us to Richland:

TC 2 3

As usually, the hospitality was in credible and after a quick break it was down the road to Sigourney for lunch at the Keokuk County Expo Center on the fairgrounds:

TC 2 2

Secretary of Ag Mike Naig dropped by to join us, given that the Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade has turned into one of the premiere ag events in Iowa each year:

TC 2 3

Our hosts, Judy and Amber from the Sigourney Area Development Corporation:

TC 2 5

Then it was off to Keota, watch the tractors roll out here:

Once again, what a beautiful ride it was:

TC 2 4

Here's Secretary Naig's view from behind the wheel of the Titan Tire 'M' Farmall:

TC 2 6

BTW check out the post on the Secretary's day on Tractorcade, it was quite eventful as it even included him taking over as Group 2 lead driver.  Here's your daily awww, as it was naptime for some in Keota:

TC 2 7

Just like that, day 2 has drawn to a close as Tractorcade begins to wind down.



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