The mail must be delivered - even in Ames flood

Ames Police had to use a boat to rescue the US Mail after a mail truck stalled out in a flooded street Thursday.

The mail truck tried to make it as North Grand started to take on water in Ames Thursday morning.  But when the mail truck got to an overpass, the water was too much and the vehicle stalled out.

Thanks to an inflatable boat from Ames Police, both the mail and the driver were taken to safety.  And the mail was delivered.

A number of residents had similar problems Thursday morning in Ames.   Rebecca Hovick from Radcliffe was on her way to work in Ames when her minivan stalled in flood water. Ames police were able to help her get out of the vehicle safely.

“Oh it was scary!"  Hovick tells WHO Channel 13.  "It wasn’t that deep, when it started out it was only a couple of inches. Just sitting there waiting for a tow. It’s gone up, several people tried to go through. Some got around, some didn’t, so I’m just glad no one got hurt with it all."  Said Hovick.

Photos WHO TV Channel 13

Rebecca Hovick helped out of her flooded vehicle by Ames police.  WHO TV


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