Join the Military Tribute Band on stage at the Iowa State Fair!

If you can sing or play a musical instrument, the Military Tribute Band wants you!  They will once again be playing on the Bill Riley Stage at the Iowa State Fair and are looking especially for singers over the age of 4!  There is a children's choir that they are in need of singers age 4 to 12.  There are also in need of adult singers and those that can play a musical instrument.  The performance date is August 13th from 4:30 - 5:30PM.   They are trying to get someone from all 99 counties in Iowa!  For more information, go to  There is rehearsal information there as well and you can hear the entire interview here....


Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, we'll be talking with the Good Guys Car Show people about those thousands of cars that will soon be on the Iowa State Fairgrounds!  Also, Van will be back from his vacation.

Have a super aware of the rain starting after 3PM!



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