Two Iowans on Trump list of potential US Supreme Court nominees

Steven Colloton - Edward Mansfield

Back in the Presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump released a list of his ideal US Supreme Court nominees. 

 It's a list that has two Iowans on it-and President Trump will likely pick from the list when he nominates a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy, who's retiring at the end of July.

The Iowans on the list:

Steven Colloton-Judge, US Court of Appeals for the 8th District.  He was a law clerk under William Rehnquist on the Supreme Court, was a former federal prosecutor and was tapped by President Bush in 2003 to be an appeals court judge. He also worked for several years for Kenneth Starr in the investigation of President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Edward Mansfield-Iowa Supreme Court Justice. He was nominted to the Iowa Supreme Court after spending two years as a judge in the Iowa Court of Appeals.  

Both have issued conservative opinions on the bench.


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