Waukee Palms Theater helicopters 28 new HVAC units to roof!

Russ Van Orsdel of Fridley Theaters called Van & Bonnie today to inform them of the helicopter that will  be flying over Waukee today, placing 28 HVAC units on top of the new Palms Theater & IMAX!  The new IMAX will feature 73' high walls and an 85' wide screen.  It will also have dual laser projection and luxury recliners!  The projected opening is November/December 2018.  You can hear the entire interview with Russ here....


Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, it's Friday, so we'll have the Friday Morning News Quiz.  Also, we'll have a fireworks vendor on with us to give us all the scoop on fireworks this year.

I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who are attending "Hamilton" at this afternoon's 2PM performance!

Have a wonderful day!  Keep cool!




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