Hillary Clinton Secretly Planning To Run In 2020?

As the ol' saying goes, If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Could Hillary Clinton be looking at another matchup against Donald Trump in 2020?

Already five times in July, Clinton has sent out e-mails asking for money and telling supporters how her Super PAC has been combating President Trump's agenda.

The New York Post's Michael Goodwin says Clinton's Onward Together, formed in 2017, is clearest sign that she's planning a 2020 run.

Goodwin believes with Bernie Sanders at 76 years old and former Vice President Joe Biden at 75, Clinton stands out in front of Democrat challengers.

Here's my thought:  it won't happen, but I have NO DOUBT that Hillary BELIEVES conditions might exist in which it would happen.  Those conditions are:

1)  Democrats believe that women are souring on Donald Trump.

2)  Hillary believes being President is her destiny.

3) She thinks that women who have soured on Donald Trump will regret not voting for her.

4)  President Hillary!

The problem with that scenario is that Democrats are ready to move on -  particularly in light of the #metoo movement.  Hillary offers no compelling economic vision for the future PLUS she's saddled with a history of having attacked women who claimed that her husband had sexually mistreated -  or outright assaulted -  them.  To be succinct -  Democrats are tired of defending her.

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