IHOP Is IHOP Again and All Is Right With The World

IHOP really took the restaurant industry by surprise when they said they were going to change their name from the classic International House of Pancakes to IHOB. It took even more time to figure out what that meant, but eventually it was revealed to be the International House of Burgers.

The public lost its mind. How on Earth could an American institution as recognizable as IHOP change their name? There were no answers.

Then, Monday night via social media, IHOB changed their name back to IHOP to the relief of the entire world. It was all a publicity stunt to promote their new burgers. I have to admit, it worked pretty well.

I can't remember the last time that IHOP was this relevant and now everyone is talking about them, including other restaurants. 

Well done, IHOP. Now I'm hungry for pancakes.

Hear the full segment from "Have You Seen This?" right here:


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