Americans in UK Warned to Keep ‘Low Profile’ During Trump Visit

The U.S. Embassy in London has a warning for Americans there: keep a low profile during President Trump’s visit later this week.

There are concerns that some of the protests against him could turn violent when he arrives in Britain on Thursday after a NATO summit.

Officials are expecting thousands of protesters to join demonstrations, including plans to fly a blimp over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby.

This, of course, follows an increasing pattern of using violence and bullying by people in opposition to President Trump  -  and the dearth of voices on the left denouncing such violence and bullying.

On Monday, Fox News anchor Shannon Bream moved a planned live program outside the Supreme Court to her studio, saying she felt "threatened" as protests began against President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Members of the tea party must be shocked at the irony of all this.  You'll recall that, on Monday's program, I played some audio of pundits mocking the tea party and repeatedly intimating that it is a violent movement WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.  Liberals feared the power of the tea party and began using allies in the media to misrepresent the movement which, after all, was simply a group of people who felt our government was taxing and spending irresponsibly.  

My final question:  where's our "national dialogue" on leftist violence?

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