When President Trump Met Queen Elizabeth

On the Friday show, you heard me say that some of my progressive friends were sharing an article on Facebook on Thursday that indicated that Queen Elizabeth was NOT going to meet with President Trump during his visit to the UK claiming "bone spurs."

The article being shared was authored by Andy Borowitz at The New Yorker, who I know is a satirist.  But it was clear that some of my friends thought the article real and were cheering the Queen.  Don't believe me?  Put "Queen, bone spurs, Trump" in your Facebook search box and check the results.  Even those that were skeptical were posting, "don't know if it is true, but if it is -  hilarious!"

The bottom line:  President Trump DID meet with Queen Elizabeth today.  A royal biographer predicted before the meeting that it would get well but couldn't help throwing some shade at the President.

"They actually have quite a lot in common," royal biographer Robert Hardman told "CBS This Morning" about Mr. Trump and the queen. "They both got Scottish mothers, they both own fairly large parts of Scotland – in her case Balmoral [and] in his case two golf courses – and she's used to dealing with the most appalling despots, monsters, crooks, dictators. I think they're going to get on great."

Here's the issue:  you can divide Americans into two camps.  People who think we should obsess over what other countries think of us and people who don't give a damn. The people in the former camp loved President Obama's constant attempts to win the affection of world leaders.  They are furious now that a leader has been elected who campaigned on an "America First" platform who represent the latter group of voters.

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