Day One of Bonnie's Vacation: Adrianne Branstad

Hi Folks,

   Van here, and I’ll be doing the blog for two and a half weeks while Bonnie escorts a bunch of Van and Bonnie listeners overseas.  She has listeners on two planes going to Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and a bunch of other places. She’s scheduled to be back on the air Wednesday, August 1st.

   Today, Adrianne Branstad filled in for Bonnie so we not only had lots of fun and laughs, we also got an update on her father in law, Ambassador Branstad in China.  Adrianne co-hosts the Saturday Morning Live Show at 9 am on Saturday mornings with Justin Brady.

    A huge thank you to all you amazing Van and Bonnie listeners that came out to our Friday morning blood drive.  By 9 am, Lifeserve calculated that you had saved 254 lives here in Central Iowa and the drive continued till 1 pm after that!  You V&B listeners are fabulous!!!

    Tomorrow, Terry Rich fills in for Bonnie.

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