Des Moines to buy 80-flooded homes in $11.5 million program

DES MOINES, Iowa-  The Des Moines Council has approved spending $11.5 million dollars, to buy 80 properties damaged by the flash flood this month.    The city will offer 110% of assessed value.   That percentage may be adjusted, if there had been a recent appraisal.   Affected homeowners should be contacted this week about a buyout offer.   The one and two family, residential properties are located in the flood plain or are in areas where opportunity exists to decrease or eliminate long-term, adverse impacts to public infrastructure.

The City is waiving flood victims' sewer, garbage collection, and storm water service fees for one year.   The funds for that will come out of the city's enterprise funds.   

Des Moines is also starting up a zero-interest $6,000 loan program, with a five-year term.    The city's  taking steps to create a $1.2 million loan pool for the program.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie says the city wanted to take some steps right away, knowing that it'll take a while before help arrives from the U-S Government.

City Manager Scott Sanders says the city will be hiring consultants to look at making sewer improvements.

Councilman Chris Coleman also raised the point that Polk County Conservation, which has expressed interest in buying out flood-plain property,  should be included in the discussion.    

Coleman is spearheading a "Lessons Learned" Committee, which is being formed to address a wide range of issues related flooding in the city.

(Photos:  Above, homeowner puts his sentiments on a poster.  Below right, residents visit with City Council Member Connie Boesen about the city's property buy out plan)

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