Geoffrey the Giraffe Has Taken Up Professional Wrestling

The hits keep on coming for Geoffrey the Giraffe. The lovable Toys "R" Us mascot has been in the news pretty regularly since he went viral saying goodbye to kids with the closing of the famous toy store.

After being recruited to aid a "Save The Giraffes" campaign from a zoo, Geoffrey has turned to the wrestling ring for his next adventure.

Geoffrey crashed a 30-man battle royale in Florida and hit a couple of offensive moves before posing for the crowd. That left a window of opportunity for former WWE Superstar Gangrel to order a package from Amazon Prime and used the box to eliminate the friendly giraffe from the match.

You really just have to see this to believe it:

I don't care who you are. That's some funny stuff. Good luck to Geoffrey in whatever his future holds.

Hear the whole conversation as heard on "Have You Seen This?" right here:

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