Nate Boulton won't leave Iowa Senate

State Senator Nate Boulton (D-Des Moines), who suspended his Democratic campaign for governor in May after allegations surfaced that he groped two women, now says he won't resign his Iowa Senate seat.

Boulton released a statement on Twitter saying that he has been "humbled" by the sexual harrassment and assault allegations.  He blames "excessive binge drinking" for his behavior, and says he hasn't consumed a "single drink in months." In addition to the sexual assault charges, he says that drinking resulted in "an OWI in 2011". 

Back when the allegations were made public, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen said that Boulton should resign from the Iowa Senate.  Monday, she released a statement saying that she is "disappointed" in Boulton's decision.  She says that the senator "will now need to answer to the voters in his district, to a potential indipendent investigation, and to other Iowans involved in the national conversation on this important issue."

In announcing his return to the Iowa Senate in January, Boulton said on Twitter, "The responsibilities I have to my constituents and as a dedicated advocate for working families across this state have not ended."

Boulton will face re-election after the 2019 term.

Here is Boulton's statement released via Twitter:

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