Oh Great, We've Infuriated The Martians Now

Here at WHO Radio, we have three people on-air that love to talk UFOs and aliens:  myself, Van and Bonnie producer Emery Songer, and Simon Conway.  Specifically, we are wondering what will wipe out the human race first:  artificial intelligence or aliens.

After today's news on WHORadio.com, I say aliens.  Because it turns out, we may have infuriated the Martians.

Specifically:  NASA officials say they may have discovered the so-called building blocks for life on Mars in the 1970s, but accidentally burned the evidence.  

After scientists found complex organic molecules on the Red Planet, they went back to earlier probe missions to examine why it took so long to find the matter.  It turns out back in the 1970s, a Viking unit which landed did, in fact, detect the organic material, but inadvertently burned it when heating the sample up to 500 degrees for data analysis.  

Of course, if Martians exist, they are probably hiding from these scary machines we keep sending to their planet.  And now we're destroying life on their planet.  It's not hard for me to imagine that they are currently hiding underground, building a giant death ray.

Of course, if they don't finish the death ray soon, robots will have used AI to take over Earth and may have the capability to fight back.  But until that time, I am just hoping that President Trump gets "Space Force" up and running ASAP.

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