Iowans duped into wiring millions to scammers

DES MOINES, Iowa-   Iowans who wired money to scammers via Western Union have applied for more than 11 (M) million dollars in refunds as part of a national settlement with the company.    

Iowans have filed more than 21-hundred claims.  One includes an Iowa couple who lost a half million dollars of their retirement savings.  Several others  reported losing tens of thousands of dollars.   

The victims report they wired money to scammers who promised romance, international sweepstakes winnings and  large  inheritances from foreign countries, among other claims.

Fraud victims may qualify for a refund through the settlement if they wired money through Western Union between Jan. 1, 2004, and Jan. 19, 2017. 

The Western Union Co., Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Justice announced the $586 million settlement on Jan. 19, 2017.     T

he settlement administrator continues to accept claims. Refund amounts will depend on the number of verified claims and approved losses.

Iowans can report claims by going to or calling 844-319-2124.

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