Frustrated Youth Referee Uses Facebook To Shame Unruly Parents


You heard guest-host Adrianne Branstad and me talk about this briefly today:  a youth soccer referee in Oklahoma is so frustrated with the unruly behavior of parents and spectators that he has started a Facebook site to shame them.

Brian Barlow encourages people to submit videos of the bad behavior and pays the owner of each video $100 when he uses a submission.

Barlow makes no secret of what he is doing:  public shaming.

On "Fox & Friends," Barlow explained that he wanted to raise awareness about this widespread problem, and hopefully shame and embarrass people into behaving civilly.

This is a serious problem -  the behavior of parents has created a shortage of officials nationwide.

For example, there are cities in Texas unable to host a full state of Friday night games due to a shortage of officials.

A survey conducted by the Texas Association of Sports Officials found that 80 percent of those who left the profession in 2017 cited verbal abuse as their motivation to leave.

But is PUBLIC SHAMING the answer?  Since I already have misgivings about what I call the Social Justice Mob on Twitter, I have misgivings about using the Internet to "shame" people into better behavior.  I just don't know where it ends.  

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