President Trump in Iowa: We just opened up Europe for you farmers

President Trump speaking in Peosta, Iowa Thurdsay

Peosta, Iowa - President Donald Trump has a message for Iowa farmers.  

"We just opened up Europe for you, farmers.  You're not going to be too angry at Trump." The President said during a stop in Peosta, Iowa Thursday.

"I said to the Europeans, I said, 'Do me a favor.  Would you go out to the farms in Iowa and all the different places in the Midwest and would you buy a lot of soybeans right now?'

"Because that whole soybean thing now is going to be opened up."  Trump said. "No tarriffs, no nothing.  Now, that's called free trade."  

"Basically, we opened up Europe."  Trump said.

The President was in eastern Iowa at Northeast Iowa Community College, in Peosta for a round-table  discussion and tour of a manufacturing program.

Trump set a green Make America's Farmer's Great Again cap on the table to one side.  Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds sat on the other.  

There were several hundred protesters reported outside the school as the president arrived.  

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