Forbes: Principal Financial Group Is America's Best Employer For Women

Forbes has named Principal Financial Group of Des Moines, Iowa as "America's Best Employer For Women."

The investment management and insurance firm employs 9,978 U.S. workers, 59% of whom are women. While benefits such as flexible work schedules, prenatal care programs and an onsite childcare center help Principal Financial attract female employees, it’s the company’s commitment to equality that retains them.

When reading through the article, I was interested in what factors specifically contributed to women's satisfaction at the highest-ranking companies.  But what I found in reading through the traits of the most-lauded companies is that the companies have policies that are targeted that ensure that EVERY individual in the company feels valued.

It really does start with the culture of the organization,” says Kerry Gumm, director of human resources strategy at Principal Financial. A 20-year veteran of the firm, Gumm believes the company’s respectful, safe environment has made it an employer of choice for women. “You can have a holistic life if you’re part of this organization,” she says. “I’ve not felt the need to compromise in any way.”

The meaning of a "work/life" balance may vary between each individual.   Companies that are actively seeking to establish that balance for a worker get rewarded with enthusiasm and longevity among employees.

ALSO:  employees need to know there is pathway that rewards them for good work.  Women hold 42% of executive roles and 45% of board seats at Principal Financial—noteworthy stats considering that those numbers are just 26.5% and 21.2% at S&P 500 companies.

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