Remains found in northeast Iowa, likely those of Jake Wilson

LA PORT CITY,  Iowa-   La Porte City, Iowa Police Chief Chris Brecher announced today (Thursday) that kayakers on Wolf Creek this week, spotted what turned out to be human remains.

Chief Brecher and Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson say the remains, found in and near the creek are consistent with what they'd been looking for in the case of missing 16-year-old Jake Wilson.

Wilson's family says Jake told them he was going to walk to the creek, April 7th, but never returned, prompting numerous searches.

The remains will be sent to a lab for DNA analysis, results are expected in two to three weeks.

Sheriff Thompson says the remains were found in a large area, that is thick with vegetation and they're asking people to stay away from Wolf Creek  to allow investigators time to continue their work.

A vigil for Jake - Thumbnail Image

A vigil for Jake

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