No Healthy Level of Alcohol Consumption, Says Major Study

Here's my philosophy on studies:  I agree with any study that says that something that I do makes me healthier or smarter.  I disagree with any study that says what I do is bad.

I like hearing that wine, beer, and chocolate is good for me.  I await the day that it is announced that french fries will add ten years to my life.

However, THIS study will put a real damper on the weekend.  

A major global study has concluded there is no safe limit to alcohol consumption.

Previous research suggested that moderate levels of alcohol, around one drink a day for women and two for men, may protect against heart disease. But the authors of the new study insists that any benefits from drinking alcohol are outweighed by the harms.  They estimate that consuming just one drink per day increases the risk of developing one of 23 alcohol-related health problems by 0.5%, compared with not drinking at all.

Have you ever told yourself to have a glass of wine because doctors say it is good for your health? Do you think that anything in moderation can't be that bad for you?

Moderation always seems the answer.  Until I am told that listening to KISS music eight-hours-a-day will probably make me live to 100.

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