GOP Braces For Democratic Investigations Against Trump

I believe if the Democrats win the US House this fall, they will move to impeach President Trump.  Their base demands it and will continue to use the pressure of social media to move Democrats toward that end.  In fact, I now call the liberal media "impeachment TV" as they target an audience eager to see the Trump presidency ended before 2020.

If not impeachment, I CAN guarantee non-stop investigations against the Trump Administration should Democrats take the House.  

This will not only be an effort to obstruct and weaken President Trump, but there is a certain measure of payback in the effort as well.  I often talk on the radio show about the power of precedent in politics.  Once one side takes an action, the other side awaits to take the same action in revenge.

Democrats gritted their teeth as the Republican-led House Oversight Committee, looked into a number of Obama-era scandals, including the Benghazi attacks, the Fast and Furious operation and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Republicans are now opening circulating a list of issues that would be investigated by a House led by Democrats.

The list, which documents information requests already made by the minority party, predicts Democrats could launch investigations into Trump’s family business, Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey, the personal email use of White House staff and White House security clearances, among many other issues.

Voters already accept that this is what politicians do -  investigate each other.  Voters await results on policy issues.  I wonder if, the House changes leadership, we'll see ANY change in the dynamic.

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