It's Against The Law To Be A Potty-Mouth In Myrtle Beach

As I said on today's show, I strive for consistency in my political beliefs.  I believe that the gun rights of law-abiding citizens should NOT be restricted according to the Second Amendment.  And I believe the free speech rights of citizens should be restricted, either.

I made those comments in reaction to the (justified) anger of conservatives who seem to be constantly mistreated on social media.  I am upset by that -  but won't call for government regulation.  

Speaking of government regulation:  let's all agree we should be more kind to each other.  Let's ALSO agree that a lack of kindness should be punishable by law.  Because First Amendment.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is trying to curb profane language by by using their disorderly conduct ordinance. According to the code, using “any lewd, obscene or profane or libelous expletive or epithets or ‘fighting’ words” could cause police to issue you a ticket with up to a $500 fine or even up to 30 days in jail.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department says the reason behind enforcement is simple. We encourage everyone to avoid violating this ordinance by speaking to others with the same respect and kindness he or she deserves."

I am not against laws which define "disturbing the peace."  But THIS regulates how you speak to your neighbor. 

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