Fans Ranks The Funniest Films Of All-Time

Over a holiday weekend, I LOVE to go back and watch some of my favorite comedies.  And apparently I am not alone:  folks love to discuss their favorite comedies on social media.

The website RANKER allows users to create lists then invite people to vote an item up-and-down on the list.  This list -  the funniest movies of all time - ranks 1,223 movies (wow!)

The top ten:

1.  The Hangover

2. Monty Python And The Holy Grail

3.  Airplane!

4. Blazing Saddles

5.  Caddyshack

6.  Anchorman:  The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

7. Dumb And Dumber

8.  Groundhog Day

9.  Office Space

10.  Superbad

I would only change a few things on this list.  I'd move The Hangover OUT of the top ten and put Monty Python at number one.  I would also put "Walk Hard:  The Dewey Cox Story" within the top ten.  "Anchorman," and "Walk Hard" are the movies that I quote the most though ALL OF US have said, "'re saying there's a chance!" because of Dumb and Dumber.

What say you?  What's your number one comedy?  What movie isn't in the top ten that should be?


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