Des Moines Police Officer shoots, kills attacking dog

DES MOINES, Iowa-  A Des Moines Police officer was forced to shoot and kill a dog today (Friday), that had been attacking it's owner, and then turned on the officer.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parezik tells WHO Radio News, for whatever reason, the woman's dog turned on her, biting her multiple times, at a residence in the 32-hundred block of East Clinton Avenue, just north of Euclid Avenue.

Sergeant Parezik says the when the officer arrived, the dog left the woman alone, and then came at the officer, who discharged his weapon, striking and killing the dog.

The woman, Sandra Dee Rigaan, suffered multiple bite wounds to her harm and stomach.  Her injuries are described as serious but not life-threatening.  She was taken to a local hospital for treatment.  Senior Police Officer Mark Chapman was not injured.

Other information about the dog is not known.

(Photo from Channel 13 WHO-TV)



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