Bob's weekend travels in Glasgow and Belfast

The Big Show tour of Ireland and Scotland with Holiday Vacations continuing over the weekend in Glasgow:

That's where the movie Braveheart was filmed, and it's nice to see the defense mechanisms are in good hands:

As for Glasgow living arrangements, apartment rent ranges up to $1200 per month with the average house purchase price $250k-$350k and get this - that's only the structure, they lease the lots.  Crops include barley (scotch), hay, sheep, some beef cattle—Scotch Highlanders. Coffee—$2.50 cup at a coffee shop similar to Starbucks. They use these speed cameras to enforce speeding laws:

As for food prices:

Then it was off to Belfast and a stop at the Peace Walls:

Walls were erected between Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods to "keep peace".  Walls are scheduled to be torn down, but neither side wants them down. People have painted graffiti on walls:

The wall even earned Bob's autograph:

No trip is complete without a trip to the Theatre where Led Zeppelin played an early concert 1968:

Then it was off to the Titanic Experience:

Sing along now, "Near, far, wherever you are"...anyhow we look forward to hearing more from Bob about the trip on today's Big Show, listen in here:



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