Iowa woman attacked by pit bull posts injury PHOTOS

Riggin's GoFundMe page

DES MOINES, Iowa - The woman attacked by her own pit bull is home from the hospital.  Sandra Riggin is posting photos of her three pit bulls and her injuries on Facebook, and a GoFundMe account has been created to help her pay bills while she is unable to work.  

One of Riggin's sons posted that she was in critical condition for a time after the attack on Friday September 7.    

Riggin has bite and claw wounds and down her arms and on her abdomen, shown on her GoFundMe account page, and more graphic photos on her Facebook page.   Click links to see more.  

Riggin has posted on Facebook more than a dozen graphic photos of her injuries, available for public viewing at the time this story is being written.   They show numerous long claw scratches and gashes, and what appear to be teeth punctures, and long rips and tears.   

Sandra Riggin Facebook post about attack


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