California Man Tried To Stab GOP Candidate With A Switchblade

Farzad Vincent Fazeli

Farzad Vincent Fazeli

A California man has been arrested after he attempted to stab a Republican candidate for Congress at the Castro Valley Fall Festival in Alameda County. Police said that Farzad Vincent Fazeli approached Rudy Peters while he was at his booth at the festival, and started shouting "disparaging remarks” about the Republican Party and cursing out President Donald Trump.

The man then ran toward the table, picking up a cup of coffee and throwing it in Peters' face. Peters got up and started to fight back, knocking Fazeli to the ground. Fazeli jumped back up and pulled a switchblade from his pocket, but the knife malfunctioned.

“He’s screaming, ‘I’m gonna kill you, motherf—er!’” Peters said. “He had the knife, but the blade wouldn’t shoot out.”

Another individual intervened and convinced Fazeli to leave the scene. Police took Fazeli into custody and he was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats, and misdemeanor counts of exhibiting a deadly weapon and possessing a switchblade.

“It’s a shame,” Peters said. “People are just polarized right now, and this country’s divided and it’s just a mess. It shouldn’t be that way.”

Photo: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office