Gas pump skimmers found in Clive, Iowa

CLIVE, Iowa-  Clive Police say three credit skimming devices were found this (Thursday) morning in two Casey's stores.

Officers were called to the Casey's at 2070 NW 100th Street after 7:30 this morning, after a skimmer device was found inside a gas pump by a store manager.

Police say two more devices were found in gas pumps at the 2250 Woodlands Parkway about an hour and a half later.

Customers who paid at the pump at the two Casey’s locations,  over the last few days should contact their financial institutions about possible fraud.


1. If you choose to use pay at the pump, always use the credit feature to pay for fuel. Never input a pin# or used the debit card feature at the pump.

2. Go inside the store and pay for your fuel at the desk.

3. Check the pump for security tape. Never use a pump that has security tape that has been tampered with(tampered security tape would have "VOID" showing on the tape.


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