It's The Great Mayochup Controversy Of 2018!

After I blogged about Heinz bringing Mayochup to the states (ketchup and mayonnaise mixed), some listeners pointed out that such a product is available from different companies under different names.

But you must hand it to Heinz for making a big social media splash upon entering the market.  There's even controversy over the name!

The general consensus is that “Mayochup” is a fine condiment, but there was clearly a phonetically smoother option.

The product should be called, "Tomayo."

OR...other suggestions on Twitter include:  Tomayonnaise or Metchup.

Were other names considered?  Heinz tells website Delish that they were -  but the wishes of the people won out.

Yes! We were always open to giving the product a name that resonated most with consumers. When deciding what to call the product, we had a ton of fun reading some great naming suggestions, many of which people are still passionate about today, like “Tomayo,” “Pink Sauce” and “Fry Sauce.” While Mayochup ultimately garnered the most votes (over 500K!), we loved everyone’s saucy suggestions so much that those lucky condiment lovers who signed up for bottles donning their favorite names during the entry submission timeframe in April will be receiving custom wrapped bottles (like “Heaven in a Bottle” and “Fry Sauce”).

I am familiar with the term, "Fry Sauce," from a recent trip I took to Amsterdam.  Food stands there sell delicious, thick fries with a variety of delicious condiments -  but the condiment of choice for most customers is called "Fry Sauce."


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